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Investment Approach

Stark Capital Management selects suitable securities based on rigorous in-house fundamental research, without constraints of sell lists or uniform style. Our focus is selecting companies with a sensible business plan, solid management and sound financials. We begin by identifying those companies that are capable of creating and maintaining a competitive advantage. We will examine a company's financial data, management, business concept and competition which entail reviewing key ratios of the business to determine its financial health and its value. In addition, we assess an individual company's value relative to its group, sector and to the market as a whole. We then set our own objective as to the company's true value as the basis of our buy and sell decisions. We support this assessment by often meeting with company management, participating in their conference calls and monitoring public appearances in industry and public forums. For the companies we own or monitor, we pay close attention to Wall Street research, tracking reports by analysts we respect. We also access a number of independent research firms and attend industry conferences.

We firmly believe that portfolios can benefit from diversification into either taxable or tax free fixed income investments. These asset allocation measures can effectively lower the volatility and risk parameters of the overall portfolio while providing income for investors. We handle portfolios with a balanced approach which have a certain portion in equity and fixed income investments, and others which are purely in fixed income according to the clients' needs.

In analyzing the strategies for fixed income investments we take into account the quality of the issuer of the securities, duration, yield to maturity, the potential for ratings upgrade & refinancing, the industry outlook and we match the criteria with the client's preferences. We sort through industry segments looking to create value over the benchmark of a portfolio. We apply similar criteria to municipal bonds taking into account the quality of the credit and the borrower's ability to pay principal and interest.